Want to get moving?
Private Sessions
If you want a more in-depth understanding of how your current alignment and movement habits are contributing to your movement issues then working one-on-one with me might be the option for you.

My role is not to diagnose and treat conditions but to help you discover your movement habits and teach you ways of moving that can help change the way you feel and how you move through life.

We will assess and explore the details of natural human movements like lifting, carrying, squatting, ground movements and more. You will learn to observe your movement through a reference system using boney landmarks to work out which parts are moving and which parts are missing out. Discover how to adapt exercises and movements to meet your current abilities. Get some guidance about where you could spend more time or attention with your exercises to reclaim your natural movement abilities.

We explore how to move beyond exercise and weave more diverse and dynamic natural human movements into the rest of the day.

The time you spend outside an exercise class has the most impact on your health. Come and explore how you can add more movement to non-exercise time with natural movements.

I have a library of books by Katy Bowman for loan to learn alongside these private sessions. Current titles: Move Your DNA, Alignment Matters, Dynamic Aging, Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief, Whole-body Barefoot, Diastasis Recti, Don't Just Sit There, Movement Matters, Grow Wild

$60 for 60 minute session
$30 for 30 minute session

Private Group Sessions (bring a friend... or three for free!)
With the class schedule being on hold, why not create your own!

Get the benefits of both a group class and a private session structured around your needs, and your timetable, and bring up to three friends for free!

Building a supportive movement community is a key to developing a movement-rich lifestyle. Learn natural movement content together so you can support each other outside the classroom, where your form counts the most.

- What about a series on back basics?
- Or shoulder and neck relief?
- What about a 4 week series on gait basics/walking?
- Or a one-off session to look at alignment and what it is telling you about your body?
- Monkey bars and Hanging 101?
- Find your squat?

You can also take these classes outside. Outdoor spaces, trails, playgrounds, the beach and the Boulder Bank are all movement-rich environments to explore the application of the studio corrective exercises.

Enquire now to discuss what might best suit your needs.

$60 for 60 minute studio based session + $20 studio hire
$80 for 90 minute outdoor session.
(The price is shared between your group)
On the Move (12:00 Noon Fridays)
This class is literally on the move! We will be walking for the bulk of the class (because we all need to walk more) but will stop along the way to utilise movement opportunities that the terrain offers in the moment. A portion of the class will be doing some corrective exercises as well as learning about gait mechanics and other combined natural movements.

Park benches, hills, logs, rocks, trees, beach, textures, playgrounds- each week will be different. All activities are voluntary and scalable for every body.

Gait Basics series- is a series of classes focused specifically on the mechanics and exercises for walking well. This series is repeated each season. So if you missed a session last season- pick it up again next time around. Topics include walking alignment, using your butt, saving your knees, stairs, hills, shoes, feet and texture, upper body.

General Class- incorporates the skills we were introduced to in the Gait Basics series and includes various strengthening and stretching exercises, movement challenges and upper body exercises. An all-round walking and exercise class in the fresh air with useful movement tips to add extra movement nutrition to your life.

Prerequisite is the ability to walk 5 km ( about 1- 1/4 hours) and a sense of fun and adventure.

Locations include: Centre of NZ and the Grampians walking tracks.

*$15/ 60 minute session
(Minimum of 4 participants required to run this class)
One of the best pieces of feedback I was told about my online sessions was 'Penny just knows where to put her hands on me to help me feel the moves'. All from the other side of the country!

Let's chat and see if we can work together online.
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